development meeting
CNCDE’s management team and expert advisors consists of:
  • Dakota Cole
    Managing director, certified public accountant and Chickasaw citizen who has lived his entire life in a persistent poverty county.
  • Dan Boren
    Director of strategic partnerships and former representative of Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. He served four terms before retiring in 2013.
  • Christopher Phillips
    Director of Finance for CNCDE. Phillips was also an integral part in transacting each of our NMTC transactions. Phillips has an undergraduate degree in finance with a master’s in accountancy.
  • Kaycie Sheppard
    Managing counsel for the Chickasaw Nation and an integral part of CNCDE’s leadership team. Sheppard was a key leader in organizing each of the Chickasaw Nation’s NMTC transactions.
  • Travois’ New Markets, LLC
    Serves as CNCDE’s advisor regarding NMTC projects and deal flow diligence.
  • Ingrid Vanbiber of Polsinelli
    Serves as CNCDE’s outside counsel.
It requires a deep commitment to our mission and values by each member of our team to effectuate transactions in rural communities, and Indian Country specifically. Our advisory board, management team and expert advisors are undoubtedly a competitive advantage and CNCDE seeks to leverage these advantages for Indian Country.