Department of Culture and Humanities

Chickasaw Nation Department of Culture and Humanities
This project rounded out the combined transaction that included the Silverstone project. Of the approximately $14 million total transaction approximately $5.7 million was dedicated to the remodel and renovation of an existing building owned by one of the Chickasaw Nation’s wholly owned subsidiaries. The Chickasaw Nation had purchased a former bowling alley as part of a larger purchase several years prior to this project. The decision was made to renovate the building to provide office space for the Chickasaw Nation’s Culture and Humanities Department. The project resulted in approximately 21,000 square feet of high quality office space. Ultimately, utilizing NMTC on this combined project resulted in a return on investment to the Chickasaw Nation of approximately $3.5 million dollars that could then be directed to other projects and services.

Date Closed: December 23, 2015
Total Development Cost: $14 million
Allocation Amount: $13 million
NMTC Investor: Landmark Bank
NMTC Equity: $8 million
Status: Substantial Completion August 6, 2017